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Education Through The Internet

In the modern era, a lot of people take online classes and do online research. Many people use ebooks instead of traditional books. Nowadays, with mobile devices, one can read and research virtually any subject in almost any physical location. However, there are people who say this is a less effective form of learning. Others are very optimistic about this change.

Personally, I think that internet research is typically just as accurate as research using textbooks. It is also much easier. It can be accomplished much faster. The only drawback is that there are some sites with limited quality control. These sites can contain inaccurate information. Luckily, they are often not too hard to pick out. I have noticed that these sites typically appear shoddily constructed, have a lot of grammatical errors, or there are discrepancies between the site and information on other websites. There also seem to be relatively few websites with inaccurate information. Some people claim that some encyclopedia sites, such as are riddled with errors. However, I find that this is very rarely the case.

There are also full college courses that can be accomplished online. Personally, I have noticed a significant drawback to this. On the flip side, there are some really big positive aspects to online college courses. It can be a great option for someone who has to stay at home. There are even credible colleges where all the work is done online.

I can say that my experience with online college classes was mixed, but it was largely positive. It was great being able to stay home. I really did enjoy being able to set my own hours. There were often deadlines for assignments, but I had the ability to manage my own days and weeks. I had a part time job while I was taking classes online. With the increased flexibility, my employer had the ability to schedule me for more shifts. However, I did find online classes somewhat impersonal.

Online education can be great for some people. The fact that I did not have to go to a physical location at specified times would be great for those who travel frequently, stay at home parents, or those with mobility problems. These groups, particularly the stay at home parents, make up a large segment of the population. Online education would make going to college accessible for a much wider group of people.

Forging the New Me


I realized after a lifetime of struggling to fit in with where I was in life that no one can pick where they start, but we can do our best to choose where we go. Growing up in a world where working hard (and particularly being seen as working hard!) was more important than being right or getting an education, it wasn’t hard to see some of the errors in this path. A lot of hard work for a lot of little reward had profound effects on everyone in the neighborhood – when you put that much of yourself into something and get little in return, it’s hard to value yourself even!

That was why I decided I needed an education – I valued the hard work ethic that was instilled in me, but I wanted to earn what I was worth! Not just what someone else thought I was worth. I studied hard in school, even if I wasn’t great at the books and didn’t have a lot of time, I tried. I put my nose to the grindstone, even managed some extracurricular activities. There was no way the family was going to be able to afford my education (even if they believed in it), so I knew I’d have to make do on my own in that regard.

When the time came, I applied to every scholarship and grant that my counsellor and I could come up with that might just help. And it worked. I’ll be blazing ahead into an exciting life filled with opportunity – forging a new me as I learn the art of the weld and learn the skills I need to help build the community that has worked so hard for so little. Now I can help those that helped me!

Going After My Dreams


I am finally going after my dreams! I just told my family and friends that I am going back to school to get the degree I have always wanted to get. They could tell I was really happy and excited about it which made them very happy for me. It is a good feeling to have their support and to finally be making an important decision for the betterment of my life and future. I am starting to feel more responsible and grown up. I am starting to see a clearer picture of my future and everything I can end up attaining.

I also look forward to getting a career with great benefits. I am tired of not getting paid for holidays and sick time. I see so many people around me that get benefits and perks for working for their companies and I feel like I am just struggling to make ends meet. Sometimes I think life is not fair, but sometimes I realize that the people that have what I want just worked harder to get those things and if I do the same, I can have those things too.

I would love to be an asset to the company I end up working with after I get my degree. Having a regular job that pays the bills has been okay, but I know that my position is easily replaceable and I am starting to realize, I do not like that feeling at all. I like feeling and knowing I am an indispensable asset to a company. My friends who have degrees and great careers tell me it is a wonderful feeling. It is no wonder they love their jobs and their lives. I want to be like them and that is just another reason why I am really excited to get going back to school.

I also know that once I get my degree, no one can ever take it away from me. It will be an accomplishment that I will have forever. It will be something that I can use to get a great career and a better income. It is something that will prove to the world and me that I am capable of achieving great things if I work hard. It will be like a symbol of great things to come. I am so happy about entering this new phase of my life!

I Always Wanted A Good Career


There are some people in life who settle for a career that is dull and boring. There are people who settle at a job that doesn’t pay good money. There are people who just don’t care about this sort of thing, but I do. I have always longed to have a career that I could actually enjoy. I want a career that I can make a good living from, and a career where I feel that I am making a difference. I don’t want to settle for just anything when it comes to what I will be doing day after day for the rest of my life. A career is important, and I have always wanted the best for myself.

I know that to get a career is a lot of work, and every day in school proved that to me. I have always tried my hardest in school to get good grades, and I have made sacrifices to keep them up. I have not participated in as many sports as my friends did because I was more focused on school than them. Looking back, I am glad that I made all of the sacrifices that I did.

I am now going to be able to further my education, and get a degree so that I can have a good career for myself. Thanks to my hard work and studying I will be able to do this. I am so anxious to get started learning, and to take one step closer to my career.

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