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What Kinds of Stun Guns Sold in Specialty Stores

Majority of us want to be safe from attackers and criminals. Some decided to take martial arts classes while some purchased stun guns. Read on to get a glimpse of the rewards of using stun guns and the different types available in specialty stores.

There are lots of consumers out there who prefer to own stun guns because of its small size and most of them are women. Although, stun guns are not lacerative as knives and lethal as guns, you can use it effectively to protect yourself and to ward off criminals. The truth is, these gadgets can bring down your attackers with just a push of the button. If you have plans of buying one, it is significant that you know and you familiarize the kinds of stun guns available so you can select carefully and wisely. When you observe around, you will see that there are three types of stun guns sold in stores and these are further detailed underneath.

What Are the Diverse Stun Gun Types Available?

1. The first kind of stun gun is the static charge. This kind of stun guns make use of static charge in putting down criminals. The volts it produces range from 880,000 to 625,000.

2. The second kind of stun gun is the phase induction stun gun. It produces electric current by means of phase induction. This kind of stun gun can produce volts ranging from 100,000 to 625,000.

3. The third kind of stun gun is T-wave stun gun. It has the ability in disrupting attackers’ brain signals to their bodies by electrical current along with electro-muscular disruption. This gadget has the ability in uncontrollably contracting the muscles of assailants. Studies show that T-wave stun gun is risky because it can cause temporary paralysis to assailants. You can use this device in attacking assailants with a range of up to 21 feet. It can overpower their bodies’ normal electric signals with the use of T-waves, thus confusing their nervous systems.

Aside from knowing the different kinds of stun guns available in stores, it is also important that you consider certain elements when buying stun guns for self-defense use.

If you want to buy the best stun guns in the market, then it is a must that you do deep research to determine these suppliers and retailers. Remember that the stun guns produced by these manufacturers differ not only in brands but also in functions as well as features. To get some insights of the different brands of stun guns, you can check their websites and read the specifications of their stun guns. Make sure to check the testimonies of other stun gun users to know how well it serves them.

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