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Ways to Stay Safe of the COVID-19 Virus Epidemic

There is a problem that the entire world is going through currently and it is the spread of a disease called coronavirus disease and many countries have reported having been affected. COVID-19 is a virus that started naturally in the city of Wuhan in China. The first case was in December the year 2019 and so the name COVID-19. There was a failure in the attempts to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease as soon as it started. The whole globe is experiencing the challenge that comes with having the disease. There are positive attempts that are being actualized to try and stop the virus by creating a vaccine. There is a stress on the fact that individual should strive to keep themselves safe from the virus.

There are many confirmed cases of people with the virus. Generally, some people have managed to recover from the virus and some died because of the virus. The power to contain the spread of the virus lies with the individual. There are some things that we can do to prevent the spread of the virus. Severity or mild illness from the virus is dependent on the individual and different individual have different experiences when they contact the virus. This article shows some of the helpful tips for protecting oneself from the coronavirus.

There is need for an individual to maintain social distancing when there is need for protection against the virus. It is important to keep a distance from anyone that is coughing or sneezing those are some of the main symptoms of the virus. The disease is spread through contact. An individual may get the virus when another person with the virus coughs or sneezes and the other person gets some of the droplets. During these times, we are advised to stay indoors but when it is mandatory to leave the house, there is a need for one to always maintain social distancing.

It is important to avoid touching mouth, nose or eyes at all times. There are many things or surfaces that we touch throughout the day without realizing it. This puts us at threat of picking up the virus from the surfaces that we touch. In most cases, the virus finds its way into the body when the individual exposes the body the virus from touching the mouth, eyes or nose after getting in contact with a surface containing the virus. It is ideal that an individual ensure that he or she does not touch nose, mouth or eyes at any time at least until the individual cleans the hands using soap and water or a hand sanitizer.

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