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Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Surfboard Leash

Surfing is one of the fun water activities that most people enjoy the beaches. Before you start surfing, you need to invest in the best surfboard and find an expert to train you. Apart from the surfboard, you will need a surf leash. A surfboard leash is a urethane cord that links that tail of the surfboard to your ankle. The function of the surf leash is to ensure that your surfboard is close to you during a wipeout. Most people who are experienced in surfing consider a leash a hindrance, but as a beginner ensure you have one.

Surfing can be challenging at the beginning stages and that is why you need a trainer. One of the common maneuvers that the trainer will start with is a wipeout. During a wipeout, your surfboard is likely to fly into others unless you have a leash. As you know, the surfboard can cause harm or injury during a wipeout. If you lose your surfboard when swimming, you will be forced to swim which can be tiring. Since a wipeout will always happen a lot during surfing, you should always have a leash to keep it close. Choosing the right surfboard leash is usually challenging and this can be made easy by considering certain vital factors. Read on to learn some of the factors to consider when buying a surfboard leash.

In a surfing store, you will find different types of surfboard leash. Therefore, if you want to narrow down your options, you should research the best type that will guarantee an incredible surfing experience. Surfboard leash is one of the most common types of leash you will find in the store. This type of leash is usually about 6 feet and can only withstand a fair amount of tension. When the specified tension is exceeded, the leash is likely to break. The second option that you have is comp leash. A comp leash is designed to keep the surfboard close in case of a wipeout. Finally, you should consider longboard leash which is usually about 10 feet. It is ideal for bigger tension as the urethane cord is thicker and stronger. Find the right type of surf leash that suits your surfing needs.

The two parameters that you should be keen on when buying a surfboard leash are length and thickness. As mentioned earlier, the different types of surfboard leash in the market very regarding length and thickness. The strength of a leash depends on the thickness. Larger waves usually require a thicker leash as it is strong and can withstand the tension without breaking. The decision regarding the thickness of a leash should also be influenced by the size of the surfboard you intend to use. If you have a large surfboard, you should opt for a thicker leash.

The different types of surfboard leash in the store are usually ideal for different surfers. In most cases, highly skilled surfers do not prefer using a leash as they consider it a hindrance to their performance. As a beginner, you should opt for a longer surfboard leash as you are likely to fall and experience frequent wipeouts. In conclusion, when looking for a leash that will guarantee an incredible surfing experience, you should be guided by the above-discussed factors.

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